Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hiking the Hunsrueck

Bernhard and I hiked the Hunsrück mountain range, in southern Germany. The hiking trail Saar-Hunsrück-Steig had been recommended to us by one of Bernhard's friends, head of the German hiking association, and professional hiking trail evaluator. (Funny profession, no?)

So, Wednesday morning 10am, we arived in Orscholz, at the famous Saarschleife. We both had about 12 kilos of luggage, fo rthe next 5 days, and were goign to stay at local inns. I had brought my Olymous SLR, but only a single and (as it turned out) broken lens. Bummer, so I was not going to take any pictures.

Anyhow, on the first day, we hiked the relatively short segment from Orscholz to Britten, just to get into the mood. The only inn in Britten was closed, so we continued another 3 km to a horse ranch with camping and a B&B facility. Things were basic, but cheap, very friendly, and exactly what we needed.

The next day, we hiked the two segments from Britten to Weiskirchen. After checking into the hotel, we immediatley left for the local spa. After trying the six saunas, the whirl pool and having had a couple of beers, we felt much better.

Friday was going to be a killer. Thritythree kilometers, from Weiskirchen to Hermeskeil. Run. Don't look left; don't look right; don't pause. Eventually we got there, and they had another firendly inn.

On Saturday, we wanted to hike the Erbeskopf the highest peak in the area. These two segments would have covered at least 37 km, and after the previous day, this looked a bit too long. hence, we took the bus to Nonnweiler, and saved the first 9 km. Hiking then was easy, total dream, very beautiful. At 6 pm, we decided to hitch-hike back to Weiskirchen. After about 30 minutes of waiting, we found a very freindly, although rather drunk, fellow to give us a ride. We arived jsut in time, to go for another hour of swimming in Weiskirchen.

On Sunday, our last day, we took the bus to Mettlach, and peacefully walked half the segment from Mettlach back to Orscholz.

Summary, the trip was a blast, weather a dream, and the landscape breathtaking. Anytime again.

Now, Bernhard managed to take some pictures with his mobile phone:


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