Monday, December 18, 2006

Diving with Bee

Yesterday, I dove with Bee, a friend from HK, who I met on the Taka live-aboard in Australia. We left from UST at 1:30, took a taxi (in fill neoprene), and met Raymond at Lobster Bay, who had prepared tanks and weights.
We took a large loop, from the beach to the right, mainly at 4-7 meters. Visibility was low, often around 1 meter, and we lost each other several times. Nonetheless, we saw plenty of sea-live, including a Red Lionfish (Pterois volitans), and a what I think was a Laced or Honey Moray (Gymnothorax favagineus). Also, we saw very pretty shrimp.
The dive took over one hour.Water must have been around 20 degrees Celcius. I wore the 7mm Oceanic semi-dry overall, no ice vest, was a bit too buoyant, but toasty warm. Bee wore a 3mm suit, and a 0.5mm skin-suit, and was visibly shivering by the end of the dive.
It was a good dive, good to see Bee again, and hope to be back in the water, next year.