Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lung Ha Wan :2 dives

Sunday, 11:30. Two dives with Raymonds guests, a very nice Spanish couple. First dive, Lung Ha Wan, left side. Clear, warm, no big fish, but many small things to see. One crab would not run away, as it was just eating a fish. Second side, Lung Ha Wan, right side. Poor visibility, no fish at all, lost my crew twice.

Finally, I made a big mistake. Surfaced, and used my gloves to wike the snot from my face. Only, i must have touched something stupid, and my face started to burn like hell. Red streaks everywhere, did not look pretty, and got worse with UV light. Lucky me, no open wounds or bubbles developed. Next morning everything was over.

Lesson learned: Never Wipe Face With Gloves.