Monday, May 11, 2009

Theory and two dives in Edersee

Today, I taught four hours of scuba theory to five teenagers and one adult. In Horst's basement (the "meeting room"), I covered everything regarding water and pressure (i.e., the laws of Archimede, Boyle-Mariott Dalton), as well as temperature and light underwater. Some of the kids were well prepared, others a bit scared of the physics; all girls, they were probably high-school traumatized.

In the afternoon, I completed two dives on a single 15l tank. First I conducted an OWD with a student, a 13 year old girl who I kept on my right side. This turned out to be somewhat of a mistake. Her buoyancy was off, and she regularly floated up. In this situation, it was not possible to control the ascent, as she would pull my right side up, and the left arm (with outlet valve) down. Lesson learned, next time I take the student on my left.

The second dive was with Christian, who lead us from the Eiche (oak tree), across open green water to Klostermauer, the foundations of a monastery which had been torn down when Edersee was flooded. The dive was most excellent, altough the gear was sub-optimal. The new Oceanic liner tunred out to be too bulky around the arms. Also, the extra bulk made me positively buoyant, and towards the end of the dive I had to carry a big rock, in addition to 13 kg of lead. Nonetheless, it was superb feeling being back in Edersee.

Bernd and Christian after the dives.