Saturday, December 13, 2008

Victor and Steven

First time in three years, I went scuba with Victor and Stephen of AOI. Complete disaster, we forgot (i) Victor's mask, (ii) Steven's BCD, and (iii) his regulator. Then, Raymond only filled Victor's tank halfway, and did not deliver enough weights. Next, Victor tried a used dry-suit that I had bought recently. Unfortunately, it used an Apeks valve, and we did not have the correct inflator hose. He thus used it like a wet-suit, and actually got wet as the lack of air inside cause the neck seal to leak. Finally, Victor's octopus free-flowed, and and reduced his air to a mere 50 bar. Despite this long array of complications, we finally made it in the water. Victor and I shared a tank, each carrying a large rock as additional weight. In the remaining 25 minutes, Victor tried some secret wide-angle device (see the pictures below).

We concluded the day with dinner and a bottle of Bordeaux at the new house, and promised to meet at the BOOT trade show in Germany.

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