Monday, March 17, 2008

Island Trip with Harvey

Harvey called me for a boat trip. With Mark, Christine, Martin and Marco, we left from the Clear Water Bay Country club, for an extremely relaxing picnic on some small beach. The boat is designed for four people only, so I sat in the front, flat on the floor. Every time we jumped over a wave, I had a shock wave travel from my butt through my spine to my brain. Luckily it was a calm day.
The biggest surprise was the marina at CWBCC. It has super clear water, and is a no-take zone. Thus, it is full of fish, puffer fish, box fish, cuttle fish, that you can see directly from the piers. Mostly, the marina seems to be a giant fish kindergarten. Unfortunately, it is also a no-swim (i.e., no scuba) zone. So I am really looking forward to help Harvey clean the boat, from underneath ...