Sunday, June 07, 2009

Newts, and more Pikes.

Another day at Edersee, Tauchzone 2 ½. Horst and me looked after four of our regular kids, Udo (a former student of Horst) and Markus and Marvin (a father and his 13 year old son). Horst was to complete two dives with two kids each, Markus was to dive with Udo, and I was to look after Marvin.

We slowly descended to about 10 meters, with multiple stops for Marvin to equalize his ears. We stayed at this depth and followed the wall to the left for some while. Finally, we ascended to 5 meters, and swam back to the entry point.
Over the dive, we saw a good half a dozen pikes, including a rather monstrous one. Also, we saw quite some newts.

The water was a bit colder than last week. Visibility had dropped from 10m to about 4m. The weather in general was a bit strange. It was drizzling, and in the early evening, the temperature had dropped down to 7 (!) degrees Celsius.

The rest of the afternoon, I spent filling tanks.