Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jet-Ski with Notes

Hong Kong and South East Asia.Saturday, April 12, 2008Jet ski with NotesNotes organized a Jet ski extravaganza. Seven people on jet ski and Nodes and Bella in a little putt-putt boat (she is pregnant). Weather was misty and rainy, but warm. First stop, delicious seafood in the Kau Sai Fishing village. My second time here, completely differnt food, but most excellent. This must be HK's best food; no kidding.I had Notes large green jet ski, with 215 hp, and Momo on the back. Although she does not have a license yet, she is highly skilled witht jet skis; much better than me. In the end, I got to try a stand-up type machine. Sooo difficult, just to get started, and move on my knees. Thats all I managed, taking significant effort already. Next time, I hope to stand up.Finally, dinner at Tao-Tao, and met up with Harvey, Iry (whose name I am sure to misspell), Martin, Mark and Christine. Dead, but a brilliant day.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Tin Hau Temple, Tseung Kwan O

Yesterday, I went snorkeling at the Tin Hau temple, near the entrance to the Clear Water Bay Country Club. Note, the temple faces the Tseung Kwan O bay. I did not expect too much, but I really wanted to try. Bummer. Water like pink lemonade, the visibility was around one meter. No fish, but big rocks. Interestingly enough, there were corals, directly under the water surface, and the growth on the rocks was very different and much denser than, say, Lung Ha Wan. Still, it’s not a place I would recommend for any recreational diving.