Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pool with Peter

Horst and I took Peter to the Korbach public swimming pool, for a two hour drill of basic underwater skills. Cold weather, slight drizzle, the pool was completely empty; most excellent. Under water, it was warm and cozy, actually surprising how much fun a plain swimming pool can be. Peter did well, and showed all excercises flawlessly.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The German Army

Horst had a contract with the German army. As part of some R&R, ten soldiers in their mid 20s were to learn scuba diving in Edersee; andI was to help conduct the open water training. The first day I conducted seven dives (four in the morning, three after lunch) back-to-back, the second day six. The third day, I took a group of divers to the bridge. This was obviously physically extremely demanding, and at night it almost took a stretcher to carry me to bed. Teaching however was fun, the soldiers being physically fit and used to take orders. Personally, I learned a lot about instructing, and perfected my skills with the dry-suit. As for all training dives, I could not take pictures, and hence have nothing to show.