Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Assisting Raymond for the second time

Today, I helped Raymond with the same group of students from last Saturday on two dives from Lung Ha Wan. The surface was calm, but visibility was not too good. It was difficult to keep the group together. On the second dive, one of the students broke his fin strap, so I gave him my fin, and paddled along with only one fin.
We saw a full size star fish, frequent clown fish, and played with a hermit crab.

We saw some other scuba divers, who came for spear fishing. With tanks, torches, and long harpoons. What idiots. First, I don't oppose spear fishing, if it is done reasonably, but NOT WITH TANKS. This is like shooting at cows with an M16. Second, Lung Ha Wan is a popular scuba spot in HK; it should be considered a no take zone. Third, spearfishing in 2 meters of visibility is attempted murder.
Todays spear fishermen were not only idiots but also bad divers. One of the guys got lost immediately, and the rest of the group kept looking for him, instead of killing fish. So the fish were lucky.