Monday, May 25, 2009

Six days in Venice, Italy

We spent six days in Italy, the city of Marco Polo, Casanova, Inspector Brunetti, and once the dominant sea power in the Mediterranean. Situated right in the city center, our hotel displayed an impressive building, basic service, and a premium-price. For six days we ran around the city, took the vaporetto (water bus), trampled over American tourists, and paid through our noses. Murano turned out a culinary feat, but tourist trap glass-wise. I found a very cute dry-point print by an Brazilian-Japanese artist, featuring a fish with a moustache. (I guess I have to scan this on put it online). Also, we visited the marine historic museum, the Museo Storico Navale. On four floors, its collection was a bit random, but still very interesting. In particular, it had an ancient Italian scuba suit, and several torpedo-submarines, used very sucessfully during the second world war. All of that, for 1.44 Euros.
Many more things to say about the city, amazing, expensive, full, amazing again, etc. I jsut have to cut things a bit short. Looking forward to come back.