Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So we tried scuba-diving at Porquerolles, famous French island outside Hyeres. We drove to the ferry early on Wednesday 4th, checked in the hotel and contacted the diving center Porquerolles Plongee. There was substantial wind, and we were told that diving on the same day would only be possible at a very protected site on the east shore called "la piscine" = "the swimming pool". Nonetheless, we decided to join. The boat was a small steel construct that only had a small cabin for the pilot. Waves were considerable, and I was lucky to have taken enough sea-sickness pills to keep my food down on the way to the site. Diving proved excellent. Visibility was about 15 meters, and the water in "la piscine" was flat as a mirror.
There were large fields of sea-grass and huge rocks which were covered in gorgonias. Most of the time, we stayed at around 13 meters, and only occasionally dropped to 20, when there was a particularly inviting hole or cave. The center had provided 15 liter tanks, and we stayed in the water for a full hour. My setup, using Ulf's suit, my old Oceanic BCD, and Sherwood regulators was most excellent. 8 kilos of lead were just right.
On the way home, waves were significantly higher, not leaving much of a prospect for the next day. We had booked two dives at Port-Cros, an uninhabited island nearby. However, the wind picked up even further overnight, not permitting any diving on our second day. We hence rented some bikes and drive around the island. Very pretty. Only, due to the wind, many paths were closed for tourists, as the risk of forest fires was too high.
Seems we have to come back.

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This is a belated post, by over a week, of diving Edersee. I spent Saturday June 30th, and did two dives. In the morning, I targeted the bridge, did not pay much attention, but failed and ened up somewhere on the plateau. The second dive was for fish watching in the shallows, later in the afternoon. I did only see miniature pike, but large schools of well-sized bass.
I used Ulf's semi-dry Oceanic suit, 7mm with gas-proof zipper, and stayed tasty warm. Most other equipment was actually my own, which I had given to Horst before I moved to HK.
So overall, the dives were not very eventful.
BUT, it was fucking amazing to be back in Edersee. The black sweet-water feels so much like home to me. Already its aroma makes me cry.
It was really too sad to see the place, knowing that Horst will close down his mobile station next year. His entire operation is set-up so carefully. Its a shame to see it disappear. However, the people who benefited (socially) over the past years have sort of turned away and tend their problems elsewhere, and the competition is too well funded and selling under price.