Saturday, June 17, 2006

Second time skindiving at Tai Au Mun

I spent an hour in the water, a bit further down from the rock carvings, towards the heli-pad. This is also the spot Raymond takes his students. Its not as steep, rocky bottom, no corals. I did not se many big fish, but several schools of small ones. I went quite far, almost to the heli-pad.

I picked up 2.2kg of weights from Raymond, and put them in an old pocket weight-belt. The amount was just right. However, I might want the weight more towards the chest area; so I might build a vest similar to this one. The fins fit perfectly with neoprene socks.

Also, I put on some old Akona ArmorTex gloves, which were just perfect for grabbing onto sharp rocks.

Afterwards, I tried to find a way down the cliffs in Clear Water Bay Country Park, where the water at the bottom seems extremely clear. However, it turned out to be quite step and dangerous, so I decided to put it off. Hiking with full equipment and weights is far from a pleasure.

Friday, June 16, 2006

First skin diving in Clear Water Bay

Today I took my skin diving gear out for the first time. With the moto, I went to the rock carving site on the tip of Clear Water Bay. The climbing on the decent is not to hard, and should even be possible with full scuba gear.

I wore only shorts and a polyester t-shirt. Other than that I wore mask, snorkel, knife and my brand new Omer fins. The equipment proved fine, the fins a bit large. I need ot wear sock in order to be able to push full speed without risking losing them. I definitely need to bring weights. Even without neoprene, it’s hard to stay down. Especially in really shallow water it’s difficult to go down, as my fins would kick in air.

The water showed a termocline at around 60cm. The top layer was in the upper 20s, but very turbid. The deeper water was much clearer but significantly colder (lower 20s). The low visibility made snorkeling difficult. One had to go down without seeing what is at the bottom.

At this location, there are no corals. I was however able to see schools of fish, several larger crabs, and few single flute or cornet fish of about 30-45 cm.