Thursday, June 04, 2009


Edersee, yet again, TZ2. And some massive pike...

Monday, June 01, 2009

Diving all weekend in the Edersee

I spent all weekend with Horst, touring his students through Edersee. Saturday morning we dove from the Eiche, in the afternoon in the sight called "2 1/2". Here, visibility was breathtaking 10 meters, and we saw a half a dozen of pig pikes (Hechte) in 3-5 meters of water. They like sunny days like this, and commonly sit in or near the submerged bushes. Plus, total highlight, we saw an adult eel resting in a bush. During daytime, these are an extremely rare sight.
Sunday, we went back to "2 1/2". On an 75 minute dive, we must have seen something like forty pikes. Especially the large ones could not be bothered to move, and commonly let us get close to 30cm. I just wish I had brought the SLR.

Equipment wise, I traded the Oceanic liner for an old Aquata one, and was totally fine with the 13 kg. However, I will have to buy a larger weight system, the current one puts too much weight on the side of my hips, and not in the front.

The man.

This bastard could not bother to move.
Finally he swam a 2m circle, to park himself just in the same position.

My Student.