Saturday, September 01, 2007

Today, I went scuba diving in Lobster Bay. At 3:00, there was plenty of sun, low tide, and plain perfect weather. I went to the right side, near the BBQ pit. Water was close to 30 degrees, and over 30 on the surface. There was a ton of fish, like a giant aquarium. THe bay is flat and i never went deeper than 6 meters. Corals here are more, larger and more diverse than the other HK spots. My setup was perfect, the newly serviced Zeta actively infalted my cheeks with air. Only, somehow my meautiful Citizen took on water. I will take it to the service center on Monday. I hope they can fix it. Ohterwise this was a 4000 HK$ dive :-(
Still, it was a perfect dive, and if I had not arranged for hiking tomorrow, I would be back in the water again forst thing tomorrow.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Divers Rescue Seminar

Yesterday, I attended a free seminar on in-water rescue and post rescue management, by John Lippmann of DAN Asia Pacific. The talk was rather general, neither prescribing very concrete behavior, not diving too deep into medical theory. Instead it was rather broad, touching various angles, and describing historic developments. I am not sure if beginners should hear talks like this, as they can be too confusing (instead of giving practical rules). For an advanced audience, the talk was a bit shallow. Answers to questions however were very detailed and showed a deep understanding. John really knows his stuff.
Personally, I learned the importance of keeping dive accident victims horizontal, to avoid bubbles rising to the brain. I must have read about this before, but not realized its importance.
The talk was organized by Alex Poon of Divers Kinetic, a non-profit Hong Kong dive club. He was a great guy, down to earth and very open. Seems like I will join DK.