Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ferrari Books

Thanks to the scuba fair in the Hang Hau shopping mall, I extended my library by another two titles. "Macrolife" and "Reef Life", by photographer couple Andrea and Antonella Ferrari. Very, very very well done books. Most excellent. Most embarrassing to all other authors on the market: the photo credits. The reef life book has a full 30 pictures not taken by the authors; the other not one. this photo collection is a lifetime achievement.

Snorkeling at Dusk

At 18:30, Wing Lung Rd., low tide. Water cooled down a bit, visibility still good, but daylight fading. Tons of crabs out, very active. Large swarms of little silver fry, shooting around sardine-like. Unfortunately, no octopus. This would have been octopus paradise; they have to somewhere. I must go at night, and bring a torch.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Snorkeling In Wing Lung Rd.

Spent a good two hours snorkeling the bay below Wing Ling Road. Water was around 30 degrees; at 1.5 it got a bit more refreshing. First I followed the right shore to the big rock at the tip. Again, this was one of the more interesting areas. But given the limited visibility, it may be better to come back with scuba gear. The highlight however was a family of blennies, living directly on the rock. When threatened, they hide in empty barnacle shells, and only stick their heads out, to see if tings are safe again. very timid, with over-sized frog-like eyes, they were super cute. The entire right side of the little bay sports many more shellfish than Lung Ha Wan. Its like a town where nobody likes you, and as you walk down the street, doors are being closed. Similar, you snorkel down the right coast, and on every rock there are a half a dozne big oysters closing their shells. Equally, large snails were abundant. Later, I explored the left side of the bay. Coral-wise, this was one of the better spots in HK. Tons of it, in .5 to 1.5m of water, different types, healthy.