Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Apnoe in Marseille

For the first time in six month, I was back in Mediterranean waters, snorkeling on Christmas Eve with Roger.

The sea was very flat, with super-clear water, at a fresh 15 degrees Celsius. There was not much sea life around, except some large schools of Saupe.

For Christmas dinner, Roger collected a bag of sea urchins
I played with a young octopus in about two meters depth. It was immensely cute, and did not move. Naturally, we did not take him.

Then we went for an hour long loop, visiting several holes and small caves.
There was little fish, and the only time Roger shot the harpoon, he missed.
Finally, we found a young langouste, hidden under a small cliff. We let this go as well.

I wore a 7mm Oceanic semi dry, new 3 mm socks and hood and gloves, with 7kg of weights. This setup was perfect; except the gloves that were not waterproof, and gave me cold hands.

After a good hour and a half, we left the water.
Except the hands, I was still toasty warm, super excited, and hoped to get back soon.
Unfortunately, the weather was supposed to change the following day.