Friday, September 07, 2007

Nitrox Certificate

Yesterday, I passed my Nitrox certification with Raymond. Because he is a nice guy, knows his shit and is my neighbor. Unfortunately, he is a PADI instructor; so this is my first certificate by this company.
PADI had recently changed regulations, and the Nitrox certificate was classroom only - no more required dives. Hence, it was much cheaper than before. Yippie.
The class was good fun, but not much news. Partial pressure of oxygen is basic knowledge of any advanced open water diver. Talking of it, Nitrox should be included in any advanced open water certification. Raymond was a good teacher. We revised the material and he introduced me to the various PADI tables. Good fun.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Hiking to Tai Long Wan

Yesterday, we hiked to Tai Long Wan. What started out as a nice hike ended up in puring rain. Well prepared as we were, we did not have even raincoats, and got rather wet. When we got to Tai Long Wan, we did not even have to change clothes to go swimmng. We went snorkeling at the rocks in the middle of Tai Long Wan. I was quite surprised. There was a ton of fish, garupas, box fish, flute fish, etc. Also there were numerous large corrals. We did not bring fins, but still dove down to about 10 meters. Very pretty, I will have to come back with fins, or even SCUBA gear.
At the restaurants in Tai Long Wan, there were sad but also intersting pictures of fish caught by local spearfishers. They showed several smaller sharks, differnt rays (maiunly black), tons of murray, large Sepia. If these pictures reflect the local fauna, Tai Long Wan makes for excellent diving.
Finally, we hiked from Tai long Wan for anothre hour to the next available Ferry Terminal, from where we traveled back to Wong Shek. In total we did no do too much hiking, still we were totally exhausted. Personally, I needed 12 hours of sleep to catch up.