Saturday, September 06, 2008

Carry le Rouet Marine Park

On the last day in Marseilles, we finally went for a bit of snorkeling in Carry le Rouet. The little bay, with a couple hundred meters outside is a no-take zone, no-scuba, no-anchorage. Hence, its snorkelers paradise. While the rest of France's coast is totally overfished, due to unlicensed hook-and-line, spear, and commercial fishing, the waters at Carry are full of marine life. Indeed, signs on the beach remind swimmers that it is prohibited to feed fish by hand. Also, knowing that they are not to be touched, the fish get quite curious, and approach swimmers in order to check them out. I brought my apnoe equipment, and spent a good hour and a half in the water. Not having trained in a while, and going alone, I kept to the top 10 meters. Still, breathtaking. And, reminding us, that our oceans would look entirely different, if we jsut left them alone. Unfortunately, the camera's battery was half empty, so I managed only very few shots.

Do not feed the fish!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Missed Out

Coming back to Marseilles on the night of the 3rd, and still sick, I was not able to participate in the "chasse en apnee". (Where my activities would have been restricted to taking photos, since I could never shoot at a fish.) I could not go, it broke my heart, but I thought I post some pictures from Thiery and Roger.


Excuse me, I can't hear you, are you talking to me?

Thiery and the conger